Monday, January 28, 2013

Update on Liam and His Fenstration Closure

Liams fractures were his wires that were in his chest!! Thank God it wasn't serious! Well Tomorrow is the day!! We will be checking in at the Hospital at 6am. I don't know what time they are going to start, They told me the cases go by age from youngest to oldest, so we will find out after we are all checked in . Im nervous and relieved at the same that possible??  Im nervous about the procedure and his recovery, but relieved that we are going to get this done and behind us. I thank everyone that still follows Liams blog (even though i am slacking!) and the prayers we recieve from Family, Friends and People we don't know. I believe Liam will be the warrior he has been since his Birth! God gave him to me for me to take care of him, and i believe he is watching over him every day, every surgery and every procedure. I am Definetly thankful to God for Liam and all my children. I am truely blessed.  I will be updating as i can, Im really hoping that my new and improved phone i got for Christmas will work in the Hospital to do Updates. I still need to post pictures but i need to figure that all out from my phone. I want to thank everyone again and I need to go get things ready and i have 3 other Children to get ready since they will be staying with their Grandparents

Friday, January 18, 2013

January 16th Liam went to school and a few hours later i recieved a call that Liam had choked on his lunch and the Teacher had performed the Heimlich Manuver, I immediatly went to pick Liam up and bring him to the doctor to get checked over and she ordered a chest X-RAY. His results came back yesterday morning that he has fractures and they couldn't tell me much because they called Liams Cardiologist and they were going to call me after she reviewed xray. Around 4 she called and told me she couldnt look at it extensively but that she saw that the one fracture was in the chest and had broke a wire where the sternum was made and a fracture on the rib, She told me she sent the xray down to his Drs in Miami and that they will call me with a full report of his X-RAY today. She told me that they are hoping his chest Cavity wall isn't please pray that Liams fractures are not as serious and for him to heal quickly! I want to say that I thank the Lord and Liam's teacher for saving his life!!! His teacher was a NICU nurse for 12 years before and decided to work with preschoolers. I really think God is watching over Liam to get a NICU nurse as a teacher and for her to be there and see that he was choking and saved him. I am so Thankful for this teacher that words can't describe my feelings! Liam isn't in any pain, he is just the happy little boy that has no clue that he has fractures, and he is giving me heart attacks with him being the Jumping running little boy he is lol. I will update when the Dr calls me and lets know more about his x-ray.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Liam's Fenstration Closure

Liam had been scheduled for his closure on November 27th, he came down with a little sniffle and stuffy nose so it had been canceled until after the New Year.....Well its the new year and they have been ringing up my phone for a couple days, not that i wasn't answering, i just wasn't around when the phone rang lol. So Today i called them back and we now have a date. Jan 29th will be the procedure. I am sure things will go smoothly, Im just nervous since its been a couple years now since his last Surgery. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. We sure did, Liam and his brother and sisters had a wonderful Christmas (Pictures coming) We had family come into town the kids were excited to see their cousin and Uncle and Aunt, then  we went to Tampa and went to Busch Gardens on the 31st. We had a lot of fun. Liam fell asleep about 20 min til the ball dropped and his big brother Jake was asleep at 9:30 lol Thats because Busch Gardens was fun and long and Exciting. We returned home  on New Years day and the kids played with their new toys. Liam returned to school on the 9th of Jan. He really is doing well in Speech and he has a lot of fun at school. I will be Posting Pictures soon

Monday, September 24, 2012

Its been 2 years since Liam's Fontan! where has the time gone? Today is Liam's 5th Birthday!! We have been so blessed that Liam has been doing awesome. I haven't written on Liams blog because it ran me down, mentally constantly thinking about his surgeries and reading other peoples blogs and what they had been going through. I always prayed for all our heart babies out there, but for Liam's first 3 years of life is was nothing but surgery and friends surgereis  and hearing of losses  and not that i don't care about those other families, i really do but i truly couldn't get out of a slump, i fell into a big depression and couldn't enjoy all my children like i should have, so i stepped away and lived life with my kids and put everything behind me not forgetting other Children but just not living it day in and out. So the last couple years we have just been enjoying watching Liam and his sisters and brother grow. Liam is now in Pre K!! he only goes for 2 days for 2 and half hours , he is in a program that is helping with his speech. His Ls are y's and some words he doesn't say correctly. He loves school and last Friday was his first day on a bus! He rides in the morning and on the way home he gets to be with his brother Jake. He really enjoys having his own friends now! Liam had a Cardiology appointment today and his Dr. said its time to close the Fenstration. Liams fingers are clubbing even more and they said this will help, we are really nervous!! They are going to call me with the date so i will def be updating! Liams First day of school is the First piture, the second Picture is Vacation in Naples Florida at the Beach, and in Naples at the pool, Last picture is with his big brother Jake after a haircut. I will get some pictures on my computer and Upload. Liam weighs 33lbs and is 38 and half inches he is growing!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fontan Pics Part 1

Pictures are out of order, more will come later i have 2 appts today so tonight i will post the good ones where he is healed. In the 1st Pic is me laying on the bed with Liam heading to OR since Liam booger wouldnt drink the loopy medicine, so i had to go in and hold him until he was out. The next photo was after Liam got out of surgery and we came in real quick to see him. 3RD PICTURE is Liams brother Jake who was not happy that Liam had surgery and eeg. NEXT Liam during his 24 hour EEG. Poor Liam all swelled up, he had no idea what was goin on as well as us with his brain bleed and swelling. Liam laying in bed with his heart buddy after surgery before siezure and Brain Bleed. The last of the Pictures were of Liam right out of Surgery, and the last ones were Liam in the Waiting room before surgery we were there too early to check in. Then we were waiting so he got to play with some toys. Then the last 2 were the day before surgery Pre Op day with his big Sissy eating lunch and being goofy.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Liams Fontan Surgery Update

Sorry no updates, I didnt have a computer in the hospital, Liam had his Fontan it was about 6 hours, everything went great they said he woke up in the OR and was fighting them off to get tubes out!! It took 7 people to hold him down, and he almost ripped his Foley Catheter out so they removed it before he did get to it and caused a whole other set of problems. Liams Brother and Sisters and Nana and Papa were there at the hospital to support us. about 6 hours later Liam had a siezure that lasted no longer than a minute, they came up to do a brain scan to find out that Liam had a Brain Bleed. They started Liam on siezure medicine and did EEG to make sure he didn't have any sleeping siezures.. When the results came back they said his brain patterns were very slow and showed more siezures so they switched his siezsure medicine to KEPPRA, and did another EEG to make sure that they stopped which they did. Liam wouldnt open his eyes or talk for days, they were getting very worried, Finally after a week Liam woke up but was not talking in full sentences and the words he was saying were very slurred, he said mommy fine but daddy was DOLLY which he could say just fine before surgery as well as apple juice which he was saying Chochle CHU and we couldnt understand. It took a few more EEGS to make sure nothing else was going on, they said it was just from the Swelling in his brain. He recovered thank god, Liams also has a paralyzed lung and diaphram on the right side so he was on oxygen after surgery. Liam was gettignn dishcharged the first week of November, but that Monday he had pain in his leg due to a huge blood clot so Liam is on Coumaden and will remain until the clot is gone and the Hole they put in his heart closes up. So we didnt get home until right before Thanksgiving, Im so grateful for everyone who still follows this blog, Ihave been busy since we have been home and i really should have double checked his sight Sooo sorry for not posting this it saved as draft and i had no clue! Liam is doing well both Heart and Brain.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Liam's Fontan

Liam is having Surgery tomorrow first case!! We are leaving today to have Pre Op Testing. Liams big sissy's College is right near the hospital so when we are finished we are going to pick her up so she can see Liam and spend time with him before the surgery. I will be updating on everything when i can, Jerry will be with me today thru Sunday but after that he will have to return to Work unfortunatly. Please pray for a speedy recovery like the Glenn 5 days!!! They are telling me about 7 to 14 days . Well we are trying to get these kids off to school so we can get down there and get things started so we have more free time with Liam. Thank You for your prayers and support.

jan 31st 08

jan 31st 08
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Ribbet Ribbet
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