Monday, January 28, 2013

Update on Liam and His Fenstration Closure

Liams fractures were his wires that were in his chest!! Thank God it wasn't serious! Well Tomorrow is the day!! We will be checking in at the Hospital at 6am. I don't know what time they are going to start, They told me the cases go by age from youngest to oldest, so we will find out after we are all checked in . Im nervous and relieved at the same that possible??  Im nervous about the procedure and his recovery, but relieved that we are going to get this done and behind us. I thank everyone that still follows Liams blog (even though i am slacking!) and the prayers we recieve from Family, Friends and People we don't know. I believe Liam will be the warrior he has been since his Birth! God gave him to me for me to take care of him, and i believe he is watching over him every day, every surgery and every procedure. I am Definetly thankful to God for Liam and all my children. I am truely blessed.  I will be updating as i can, Im really hoping that my new and improved phone i got for Christmas will work in the Hospital to do Updates. I still need to post pictures but i need to figure that all out from my phone. I want to thank everyone again and I need to go get things ready and i have 3 other Children to get ready since they will be staying with their Grandparents

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Melynda said...

Take it surgery went well, since its been a while. Fly sure does fly! I cant remember when I last posted on Mariska's blog. whoops. Good thing for facebook. =) I'm flying out to FL next week for a few days. To see Sam's sister out by Orlando. It would rock to actually meet up. I have no idea how faraway we will even been. Love seeing pictures of your kids. They sure have grown.

Melynda Anderson.

jan 31st 08

jan 31st 08
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